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A Fun & Classic wedding reception @Bangalore {Wedding styling by Reena Alex}

A Fun & Classic wedding reception @Bangalore {Wedding styling by Reena Alex}

The Sommer House is a lovely place to have your wedding reception in Bangalore, with its green surroundings and vintage cars, makes it the perfect place in Bangalore. There aren’t that many venues in Bangalore that can pull off a sangeet, wedding and fun in one place.

This gorgeous couple and I met in May, and after a chat and a proposal later, I was signed up to help style their wedding. They gave me full freedom to be as creative as I wanted. Dhanya and Karthik were such a cool couple, and their wedding guests had so much fun dancing at the Sangeet and playing games. It was different and really lovely to see how their wedding day unfolded.

Games, Lanterns, Photo Booth, Dancing, Fairy lights, Music and Flowers… this wedding totally rocked!


Above pictures by Magnox

Over to the couple now…

  1. How the groom & bride met and a little about them:

We became friends in college and shared a good rapport from day one, it felt like we knew each other for ever. While none of us are the “fairy-tale”, “mushy” “filmy” kind, we always felt like it was meant to be. Individually we are independent, mature and responsible people but when we are together we are silly, hyper active kids and that is the best part.

While both of us from Kerala, Karthik has always been in Bangalore, while I have grown up across India so the wedding had to be in Bangalore, the city where we met and where most of our close people are. We always imagined a very personal wedding with a small gathering of people who really matter. It was never about the glamour, but we wanted every element of the wedding to be a reflection of who we are. It is not quite possible to do everything as per the couple’s requirement alone as there are other decision makers involved, however, we ensured it was at least a mid-way.

  1. The Planning process:

Since we had a simple wedding in mind, the planning process itself started 2 and half month before the wedding only. We were always clear about an open place and not a banquet hall or a 5-star hotel. Given our requirement, there were very limited options in Bangalore. My dad had read about Sommer House earlier for a weekend getaway, once we visited the place and read the reviews online we had no second thoughts.

Both of us have a creative inclination, so we had a fair idea how we wanted the venue and all other elements of the wedding. Karthik has always been fascinated by vintage cars, Sommer House gave us this option and that sealed the deal for us.

We are fortunate that our immediate circle has one of the most talented wedding photographer and make-up artist in the country (Nishant Ratnakar and Nashra Aziz respectively), since they are good friends, we would have any way gone with them but the fact that they are celebrities in their own space didn’t hurt 😉 For the pre-wedding shoot, cocktail and sangeet we were photographed by Magnox Studios (by Rahul Kannikara & team) who are my sister’s colleagues. They also gave us a beautiful wedding gift in the form of a video which covered highlights of our celebrations.

We were introduced to Reena @ The Wedding Spell, after seeing her work and basis of the initial interactions we were convinced our decor would be just the way we wanted.


Above pictures by Magnox

  1. What did you feel when you saw the wedding decor at Sommer House?

In the last week of the wedding, we had a lot of last minute changes in the number of guests and certain requirements. Also, since Karthik and I decided everything ourselves we were worried about other’s opinion on the venue/decor etc. We had consciously opted for unconventional invites/venue etc. and closer to the big day we were a bit worried, also the monsoon and heavy showers the previous week was not helping.

After all the anticipation and stress over it, walking into Sommer house and seeing it all decorated and lit up was surreal. At that moment we realized, it is all about us and our story. It doesn’t matter what goes wrong and what people say, this is the celebration of our togetherness and we would not ruin it fretting over anything. We walked around admiring every little decor before the hustle bustle of the guests and music filled the air.


Above pictures by Nishant Ratnakar

4. Any advice for couples who are getting married:

We would just say STAY CALM… As much as you try, there will always be something that you forget or goes wrong, like missed a family photo, forgot to distribute the return gifts, forgot the back up music, forgot to invite someone, food didn’t reach your expectations, and the list can go on…

There will always be things you could regret about your wedding but the thing that you will regret the most would be not enjoying the madness and not living your day. Don’t forget it is all about you two… enjoy the wedding preps, the madness, the chaos, the discussions and arguments… it’s just as memorable as the wedding itself. And on the wedding, forget everything else and enjoy it for your moment- the last time you are by each other as friends before you start this journey. The people who really matter are there for you and other things are only secondary.


Venue: Sommer House

Food: Herbs and spices

Wedding decor styling: The entire set up from sangeet, reception and wedding was put together beautifully by Reena Alex @TheWeddingSpell. While the reception was fairy tale like- sophisticated, with beautiful lights and lanterns next morning we woke up to a completely traditional Sommer house – wrapped in yellow flowers.

Reena has not just been a decor stylist, she totally wants the entire wedding to be a success and gives suggestions on everything to ensure it goes our way. She was constantly reassuring me that the rain would not ruin it and it didn’t. Thank you for working all night for 2 days to make our big day so flawless and perfect.

Wedding Invitation & stationery: Magnox Studio

Wedding dress & Accessories: Neither of us believe in spending too much on clothes which will lie in the cupboard for rest of the years, we have bargained and picked material and done our own styling with inputs from my sister and brother in law. Stitching of all my clothes and Karthik’s wedding kurta was done perfectly by our regular and extremely efficient designer Hari (Sai Hari’s designer boutique)


Wedding and reception was covered by one of our very good friend: Nishant Ratnakar – Embedded Eyes​

Pre-wedding, Cocktail and Sangeet: Magnox

Videography: we did not opt for videography but were given a memorable video (we watch it every day till now) by Magnox Studio –

Make Up: The one thing which was not on my list to worry about was my makeup. My dear friend and one of the best in town Nashra Aziz  (Make up artistry by Nashra) covered my make up for the reception and wedding and until I looked at the mirror I had no idea or discussion on what look we would go with. I had blind faith in her and she did much more than I could imagine.

Sound & Lighting: Reena Alex @The Wedding Spell




Above pictures by Reena Alex @The Wedding Spell

Thank you Dhanya & Karthik for sharing your lovely day with me.

Hope you had fun seeing this … I shall soon be sharing Dhanya & Karthik’s Marigold wedding ceremony! Bye for now and have a great week…


Reena Alex

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