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Acceptance after “I Do” #1000 Speak

Acceptance after “I Do” #1000 Speak

Good Afternoon!! My dear readers…

My mentor and friend Dr.Roshan, asked me why don’t you write about acceptance, while I complained about having a writer’s block for my wedding blog, I thought why not give it a shot…. Especially, with my 9th wedding anniversary coming up next month, I thought about how I and my husband managed to stay together for so many years.

Everyone dreams about beautiful weddings and girls like me are diehard fans of romance and please don’t mention romantic movies…I guess too much of Bollywood & Hollywood movies have always influenced me about falling in love & magic…..

The truth is hardly any movies, parents, relatives or friends actually tell you what makes love last, grow or consistent ; here’s where, I realised people, religion or the way the world runs… has never taught us or trained us to be accepting…. we see others or our elders and unconsciously think this is how things should be or we listen to others on how to run our lives. It took me and my husband years to accept; its okay to do things differently, want different things and run our family differently.

We learned what works for us will not work for everyone and people may not accept it

It was very hard to start using the NO word after being so giving….We learned it’s okay to say NO, we may lose people we love because of this and we have lost many in the last year. But, time has helped us accept that we need to let go…and people who really respect & love us…will always be there…

We realised it’s okay to make mistakes and sometimes make really big mistakes, but having learned from it and moving on…is the key to any relationship.

Just because I am good in something does not make the other weak. No one is perfect.

We never judged our company based on religion, colour, race, bank balance or age…. that’s what we expect from our little one too, we are our son’s first teacher.

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Life will hit you with a lot of stuff like illness, financial loss, betrayal, death or different forms of pain….we have to accept not everyone will stand by you and it’s okay.

The biggest learning….we had during all tests in our relationship…is we need to accept ourselves for who we are and learn to love yourself first… Don’t depend on anyone to make you happy.  You alone are the key to happiness.

Have faith, respect and make it happen…Life’s will not always go your way but time to time cherish and accept what you have. Find happiness in the little things you have today…for you may not have them tomorrow…

Have a great week!!!

Loads of Love,

Reena Alex

To quote Yvonne, “1000 Voices Speak For Compassion is a blogging initiative started in response to violence and alienation in our world. “

This month, #1000Speak focuses on Acceptance. A thousand bloggers across the planet write in on a topic that most of us have dealt with in the hope of inspiring you to have faith in the good that exists all around you.  

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