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Bridal Makeup & Hair artist @Bangalore

Bridal Makeup & Hair artist @Bangalore

Hello, lovely readers,

Today I’m back with a fabulous Makeup & Hair artist; Esther Kinder. Esther started her journey as a bridal makeup artist from 2005; soon it took a back seat when she started working as assistant professor at India’s leading Fashion school called Pearl Academy of Fashion Delhi. She was teaching hairstyling and was recognised for her skill and abilities; then she was sent soon to do a hairstyling boot camp with one of world’s best hairstylist from Australia called Sharon Blain in Goldwell Academy Santa Monica LA California, USA. She knew this was her calling and needed to keep learning and to achieve her ambitions, it led her to a Makeup academy called Fatmu Mumbai in 2013 since then there’s no turning back. Her portfolio is a mix between high fashion, weddings and everything in-between, that’s why this is one of my favourite blogs.

While putting this blog together I asked Esther to send me a mixture of fashion and real brides. I wanted to share her different looks…



She currently charges Rs.8000/-  for one makeup,one  hairstyle and sari draping; apart from this her biggest selling point is she gives a free trial for half a face makeup, complete one eye makeup & hairstyle without any obligations like booking and a advance. I know this is a big deal :) !!!


Oh !Did I mention she is a very down to earth , lovely and friendly person…..why  I thought I should say this is , because if you are like me, you would like to be surrounded by lovely people like her on your wedding day !!!

Thank you, Esther for sharing your work.

Happy Planning!!!






  1. Hi Girl thank you for your kind words and featuring me on your Blog I appreciate your positive energy,your writing and your down to earth attitude wishing you a great future ahead.Love n Regards Esther kinder

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