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DIY Bridal hairstyles

DIY Bridal hairstyles

Unlike before, brides are into the whole DIY weddings, Name it from makeup to favours, so, why not even Bridal Hairstyles , I know it can seem a little (OMG!!!) for your big day, But if you are on a slim budget, these are totally do able hairstyles with a little practice.

Tips to get you ready before any hairstyle –

  • Pamper your hair with a oil massage every week.
  • Get a hair spa done every month before the wedding.
  • Start styling only after washing and blow drying the hair.
  • Keep ready bob pins, buns, bands and accessories required.
  • Have a good hair styling spray to keep everything in place.

2 Hair

3 hair

5 hair

8 Hair11 Hair

9 Hair10 Hair7 Hair

Image Source: Pinterest

Happy Styling!!!



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